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As a toddler I loved dogs so much that my mother had a hard time keeping me away from any dog I saw.  I lured home any loose dog that I came across.  By 10 years old, I knew all the AKC recognized breeds and what each of them were bred to do.  My mother took me to Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show where I thoroughly enjoyed watching the groups and BIS. 

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      Most of my earliest memories involve dogs.  I always trained my dogs to go horseback riding with me.  Wherever I went, my Lab, Sparkie, went with me.  Both of my sisters and I were involved in 4-H and Pony Club with the horses.  I always wished that I could show my dogs like I did the horses.  Before I was able to drive, I started going to obedience and handling classes held by a local woman, Linda Strydio.  Linda had many Champion Giant Schnauzers and Affenpinchers, and also competed successfully in obedience.  I went to dog shows with her and she became the first of several mentors.  I started showing in obedience in 1969.  Before long I was spending all my free time at dog shows.  The first AKC title Sparkie earned was her Companion Dog Obedience title.  One of her daughters, Black Penelope, was our first breed Champion. 

Showing dogs started as a hobby, progressed into a career and has now become my lifestyle.   It didn’t take me long to involve both my Mother Gerie, and Sister Janice, in the sport. I feel fortunate that both of them enjoy the sport as much as I do.  It is very satisfying for my family to work as a team towards common goals, and it is great fun to be able to share our many successes in the breed, obedience and hunt tests with each other.   

My family has expanded to include many wonderful people who show dogs in conformation, obedience, hunt tests, and agility.  Many of my “Children” started as my Junior Handlers and all have gone on to successful careers in whatever field they have chosen.

 I have been a breeder of Labradors for 30 years. I've been breeding Norwich Terriers for 20 years.  Janice and I owned a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that became one of the top producing bitches in the history of the breed.  My Foxwood Norwich also have done very well, with Group and Specialty winners, and a total of at least 10 different puppies taking Best Puppy in Show in the USA & Canada, and many Nationally ranked including being #1 Norwich in the USA.  I have co-ordinate breeding programs that have produced numerous National and Regional Specialty winners, and many All-Breed Best in Show Winners.  I started Handling full time in 1983.  I've never looked back!