**  Client has read and understood this Client – Handler Agreement and agrees to the terms set forth above.  **

Kathryn Mines Professional Handling Specializing in The Total Dog

Handling Contract



1. Kathryn A Mines Professional Handling makes all entries.  A $5.00 service charge is added to each entry in addition to Handler’s cost to enter the dog. 

2. All cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance of entry closing time to allow for handler to get a replacement for that class. 

           a. Client will be responsible for entries, handling, and expenses for any shows canceled less than 72 hours before closing.   


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3. Client will receive dog’s ribbons, trophies, and a report of their dog’s results from the shows where the dog was entered.  Handler keeps all cash prizes awarded in the ring. 
4.  Handler reserves the right to do what she feels is the most advantageous for the majority of the clients and for each dog at each show. 
5. Ringside pickup policy:  It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure:  

    a. Client will clean, groom, and make the dog presentable prior to arrival ringside. 

    b. Client has dog available ringside at time of class wearing appropriate show lead. 

    c. Client will pay full fees if dog misses its class. 

    d. Client will ensure safe and appropriate maintenance of the dog ringside during judging of additional classes if dog is required for further judging.   
6. Payment of bill:  ½ due before entries are made, ½ due before handler leaves for show unless other arrangements are made in advance. 
7. In the event the handler pulls the dog from competition for any reason, a refund of the handling fee will be credited to the client’s bill in the week following the shows where the dog was absent. 

     **Client will still be responsible for entry fees, entry service fees, and expenses for that show. **
8. If Client decides to cancel the dog from competition less than 72 hours before closing, or after entries have closed, Client will be responsible for entries, entry service fees, handling, and expenses for those particular shows. 
9. In the case that a show is canceled, or if handler and/or show committee decides it is unsafe to show because of weather, facility conditions, or an act of god, Client will still be liable for any and all showing fees, and no refund of fees will be provided. 
10. If a dog is carried on the truck for training or limited showing, Client will pay expenses for each show day, whether or not the dog is entered or shown. 
11. All bills must be paid in full before dogs are shown by anyone other than the Handler unless mutually agreed upon. 
12. Client is responsible for any and all collection costs. 
13. Handler reserves the right to have the bill paid in full before releasing the dog to the Client.  
       Grooming, training, conditioning, breeding, evaluating, consulting, and delivery service.  Fees will be agreed to on an individual basis.  

       CARE & WELFARE:  Based on Handlers experience, the following policies are recommended in order   to show Client’s dog(s) to their best possible advantage while optimizing cost effectiveness and safety.  
14. Dogs come in for a period of time before their first set of shows for bonding, training, conditioning, and grooming. 
15. All dogs allowed to come in for showing the day of the show must meet cleanliness and grooming requirements. 
16. If dog is eating poorly, shows signs of being very stressed, or exhibits unusual behavior, Client will be consulted and a course of action will be mutually agreed upon. 
17. Changing dog foods will cause some shedding of coats on double-coated breeds.  Therefore, client is required to provide food if it is not what Handler has available in stock. 
18. Handler reserves the right to seek and use veterinary care and medication at the owner’s expense any time that the handler deems it in the best interest of the dog. 
19. Handler will notify Client if dog gets sick or injured, getting their input on the treatment of their dog(s) if time is not a health factor.  If Client is unavailable for consultation,

     **Client agrees to use Handler’s judgment in the treatment of the dog if a decision has to be made.**
20. In an emergency or life-threatening situation, Handler will notify Client as soon as the dog is stabilized  and/or after veterinary consultation. 
21. Client gives Handler permission to seek veterinary care for any of the dog(s) owned by Client that are in Handler’s care at the Client’s expense. 

Kathryn Mines Professional Handling