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My Kids All Grown Up

What It Takes to Intern with Kathy Mines
Kids who intern with Kathy need to be a lot like the dogs Kathy takes on.  They need tireless dedication to the sport, a good sense of humor, a willingness to please, and a love for the dogs they'll be living with 24/7.  Kids who are willing to learn, work hard, take constructive criticism, and live like a gypsy are invited to interview to be on the Mines Team.

What They Gain in Return
Kathy is a fair team player.  She gives of herself, shares the tricks of the trade, encourages and cheers for every success.  Kids who are dedicated to the learning process will come out the other side with a good work ethic, a sense of fair play and honest interactions with people and the dogs in their care.  They learn how to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for any venture in life.  Interns on Kathy's team have gone on to be great show handlers, breeders, trainers, and even successful in vocations outside the dog world. 

Dogs and Kathy are a great preparation for life.


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